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Slow No Wake

Effective immediately - The City of New London has declared a flood emergency for the waters of the Wolf & Embarrass Rivers within the corporate limits of City of New London. This declaration imposes a SLOW-NO-WAKE zone on the Wolf River in accordance with Ordinance 9.161 of the city’s municipal code.

This Emergency Declaration will remain in effect until the waters of the Wolf River recede to a non-threatening level.

SECTION 9.161(5) OF THE CITY OF NEW LONDON’S MUNICIPAL CODE STATES: No person shall operate a boat, watercraft or any other marine recreational vehicle, faster than Slow-No-Wake in the waters of the Wolf River and Embarrass River while the Slow-No-Wake buoys remain in the river and when the river level exceeds an elevation of 755.0’ (the 7 foot mark) as based on the USGS reported observations taken near the northwest corner of the Pearl Street Bridge (N44 23.541’ W088 44.384’).