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New London - Weyauwega Joint Municipal Court

The New London - Weyauwega Joint Municipal Court is a multi - jurisdictional municipal court.  It serves the cities of New London and Weyauwega.  The court has exclusive jurisdiction and provides a neutral forum for hearing ordinance and civil traffic cases, where the penalty includes a forfeiture.  The Court's decorum and procedures are dictated by Wisconsin State Statues, the State Supreme Court rules, and a Code of Judicial Conduct.

The court hears both adult and juvenile cases.  Juvenile cases are confidential, except traffic violations.  Defendants in municipal court are not entitled to a court appointed or free attorney.  However, you may retain an attorney at your expense, if desired.

In municipal court, there are no jury trials; all cases are decided by the municipal judge, except those cases involving first offense operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a drug and operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited alcohol or drug concentration.  Those wanting to preserve their right to a jury trial in these cases must contact the office of the Municipal Court Clerk prior to their initial court appearance.