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Temporarily Closed

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Check out our new video about the history of the 19th Amendment (Just Click Here)!

For the safety of our guests, the museum is temporarily closed.

This action will be re-evaluated every two weeks. Stay safe!
Welcome to the New London Public Museum! Through these doors, you will find yourself  immersed in an amazing world of prehistoric life, Native American culture, animals in the wild, and past residents of  the New London area.  As overseers of the Museum's collection, we the staff, strive to bring you an experience that is not only educational but fun at the same time. So come on in and 
Discover Something New! 
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Masks or face coverings are required
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One of the best small museums of its kind I’ve seen and I’ve visited hundreds of museums nationally and internationally. It was a fascinating place for an 8-year-old me in 1968, and still is today. -JQ