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June 2022 Storm Clean Up

New London Public Works will be collecting storm debris at curbsides from June 16th  through June 24th, this is only for vegetative materials (trees/brush/leaves etc.).  No construction materials.  Branches and trunks need to be cut in 4 foot lengths and placed behind the curb perpendicular to the roadway.  Leaves can be raked into the roadway along the curb line (but need to be separated from brush).

Brush and leaves can be separated and dropped off at the city’s drop off site on Werner Allen Blvd (behind the Waste Water Treatment Plant) for City of New London and Town of Mukwa residents ONLY.  Open gate hours are 7am-7pm, Monday – Friday.  No additional/temporary drop off site will be opened for this storm. 

The city will be working on cleaning up and removing street trees that are damaged in the Right of Way.  City staff WILL NOT cross and enter onto private property to clean up storm debris.

If any city owned tree (park or street tree) fell onto private property and caused damage, the city cannot enter private property to clean up the tree.  The property owner must clean up the tree on the private side before the city will clean up the tree on the public side (as the city does not want to move the tree in a way on the public side and have it cause more damage to private property).  If a tree has fallen on a private vehicle that was parked in the street, the owner must remove the tree from the car first before city crews will clean up the tree in the Right of Way.  It is recommended to contact your insurance company if you experienced any private property damage.