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2018 Division Street Project


For those Division street residents who had their mail delivered to the temporary mailbox locations on Jennings Street and Martin Street, the last day of delivery to these mailboxes will be on Saturday, October 27th.  Starting on Monday October 29th, mail will be delivered as it once was to the curbside mailboxes along Division Street.  For information on mailbox installation guidelines, please click on the following link:

USPS Mailbox Guidelines

Waupaca County Highway Department is working on finishing up some items on the Division Street project.  As of this point in time the Highway Department plans on opening up the Beacon Ave/Division Street intersection sometime on Friday, October 26th and the remaining stretch of Division Street sometime on Monday, October 29th.  Our tree planting contractor is working on calling Diggers Hotline locates for new street trees in the stretch from Beacon Ave to Oak Street and plans on planting those trees in the next week.    

Waupaca County Highway Department is working on paving the final layer of asphalt on Division Street from Beacon Ave to Beckert Road.  During times of paving the cross streets of Washington, Rowland and Oak Streets will be closed.  Traffic at the intersection of Beckert Road will also be restricted as work progresses at that intersection as well.  Installation of the final asphalt layer is expected to take about a week (weather permitting).  The tree planting contractor will also begin planting trees in the next week.


In the next few days Waupaca County Highway Department will begin working on paving Division Street from Beacon Ave working their way south.  Some residents along Division Street from Beacon Ave to Oak Street recently had concrete work done in front of their properties.  The 7 day cure time has passed and these residents can now drive their vehicles across this new concrete.  At this point we are asking that all residents refrain from parking any vehicles on Division Street until the project is finished.  We’ll need the road clear for paving purposes.   The following is the anticipated schedule barring any weather or equipment delays: 

Tomorrow (September 27th) a contractor will be in to mill a bad section of road on Warren Street near the Division Street intersection AND the south side of Jennings Street from Division to Pearl Street.  This contractor will come back and install asphalt in this area by the end of the week.  Residents along this stretch should have minimum interruptions for access to their driveways for this asphalt replacement. 

Tomorrow (September 27th) the County Highway Department will install the binder mat (lower ½ layer of the asphalt road) from Beacon Ave to Oak Street.  It’s important to point out that this DOES NOT mean the road is open for general use.  Because this is only the lower half of the asphalt we will have manhole covers and valve box covers sticking up out of this binder mat which we do not want damaged from excessive traffic. 

On Friday, September 28th, the Highway Department plans on laying down the binder mat layer in the cross street intersections.  This will take 2-3 days to complete. 

On Wednesday October 3rd the Highway Department will mill 2-3 inches of asphalt from Oak Street to Beckert Rd.  This will include milling the Beckert Rd/Division Street intersection.  There will be some interruptions at this intersection during the milling process.

Landscaping and grass seeding will continue during the week of October 1st.  During this time the Highway Department will also install asphalt to several driveway aprons that were removed during the project.  If everything is finished up, the Highway Department anticipates installing the final (top) layer of asphalt the week of Oct 8th.  Refer to for up to date schedules during the final phases of the project. 


Waupaca County Highway Department is applying "hydro-seed" in the terraces and around the sidewalks along Division Street.  Please do not disturb this mulch and allow it to take root.  Property owners are also asked to keep this mulch watered as it will help establish the new grass in front of their properties. 

The contractor hired to install asphalt from Beacon Ave to Wolf River Ave should be finished installing the final layer of asphalt by the end of today.  We're going to let this new asphalt sit and cure over the weekend, then open up that section of Division Street on Monday September 17th.  At that time we will flip the detour one last time from Beacon Ave to Wolf River Ave.  This will allow Waupaca County Highway Department to begin final grading at the Beacon Ave intersection and work their way south prepping the street for paving. 


As stated in the post on 8-15-18, we're trying to work with other concrete contractors to continue installing concrete.  A different contractor will be coming in today to set up forms in between Beacon Street to Wolf River Ave.  Their plan is to hopefully have most of the concrete poured in this stretch by the end of next week (weather permitting).   There is a 7 day cure time on the concrete, so if they set up all the forms and are able to pour between Wednesday and Friday of next week, vehicles will not be able to drive over this concrete until August 29th - 31st.  If you absolutely need to get into your driveway for something during this time (for example, if you are moving) please let us know so we can work out some accommodations.  


At our weekly update meeting we discussed the construction timeline for the next few weeks.  Once again installation of the concrete curb/gutter and sidewalk is what will set the upcoming pace for the next leg of the project.  The concrete contractor has a lot of different projects going on and has said that they will a bring in a crew to set grades and put lines up in sections and move their curb/gutter machine back and forth from other commitments to keep some progress going on our project.  So you will see concrete equipment come and go as the next sections of curb and gutter are installed.  Unfortunately this pace will be slower than we'd like to see at this point.  The concrete contractor will be sub-contracting some work to another concrete company to try and keep things going, but this will only be for two weeks as they are also very busy.  The City of New London and Waupaca County Highway Dept will continue to work with the contractor to make sure we are a high priority in getting our work done so asphalt installation can begin. 

We've been experiencing excessive "thru traffic" on Division Street during the project.  More so recently now that the street grading is complete.  Today we had instances where people were driving right in the work zones where construction was in process.  This slows down our progress and is unsafe for our workers.  We are reminding people that road is closed to thru traffic, if you do not live on Division Street you should not be driving down the length of Division Street or crossing it in undesignated area where the street is graded.  We will now be adding more barricades to close off the side streets from this additional traffic.  Residents of Division Street will still be granted access, but should plan on entering Division Street from Beacon Ave, Washington Street or Oak/Rowland Streets.  

Just received word that the Waupaca County Highway Department will be working in the intersections of Rowland/Division and Oak/Division today which means these intersections will be closed for "cross traffic" during this time. 

At our weekly progress meeting today we talking about timing for the next few weeks of the project.  Grading of the street between Wolf River Ave and Beacon Ave is complete.  Waupaca County Highway Department will also be finishing up street grading from Beacon Ave to Oak St.  The next step is to have the concrete contractor come in and begin placing new curb/gutter and sidewalk down the street.  We've been told that concrete contractors are extremely busy and back logged right now so we have not been given a date in which that contractor will begin concrete work.  We will continue to communicate with this contractor to try and narrow down a start date, as unfortunately Waupaca County Highway Department and the asphalt contractor (for the section north of Beacon Ave.) will need to wait until the curb is in before any asphalt work can be installed.   

On Monday July 23rd, the detour route will be flipped back to Beacon Ave (please reference the detour route map above).  In the next week the contractor will being reconstructing the intersection of Wolf River Ave and Division Street to include a new turning lane from Wolf River Ave to Division Street allowing easier access for larger trucks to navigate that corner.    

Waupaca County Highway Department has begun placing new "hydro mulch" in some areas in between the curb and sidewalk.  This green mulch has new grass seed in it.  If you see this mulch installed in front of your property, please help us out and water it.  This will help establish the grass in front of your property.  Please be careful to not over water it and allow the seed to wash away.  

The utility contractor is preparing to connect the new storm sewer main into the manhole that is in the middle of the Division Street/Beacon Ave intersection.  This will complete installation of the new storm sewer main for the project.  To do this, sometime in the afternoon of Wednesday, July 11th, we will need to flip the detour back to Wolf River Ave and close off the Beacon/Division intersection.  The detour will remain on Wolf River Ave. for the time being.  

At today's weekly progress meeting, we confirmed that the contractor will begin underground utility work at the Wolf River Ave/Division Street intersection starting on Monday, June 25th.  This means the detour route will be flipped to Beacon Street starting on Monday, June 25th as well.  In preparation of that work, a crew will begin pulverizing and removing the asphalt from the road at Beacon Street to Wolf River Ave starting tomorrow or Friday (June 21nd or 22nd).  If you have been parking your car on the street along this stretch we ask that you begin parking on side streets as work will begin in this stretch as early as tomorrow.  
Waupaca County Highway Department (WCHD) is now working on preparing equipment, materials and manpower to start road reconstruction from Beacon Ave to Beckert Road.  Some work will be completed by WCHD in the next few weeks however the bulk of their force will begin major road reconstruction starting July 9th. 

At an update meeting today we discussed the progress of construction from Beacon Street to Beckert Road.  The utility contractor anticipates finishing up most of, if not all of the underground work in this section around June 22nd.  At that point Waupaca County Highway Department will begin the roadwork phase of the project.  The utility contractor will then begin work from Wolf River Avenue to Beacon Street.  STARTING SOMETIME DURING THE WEEK OF JUNE 25 THE SIGNED DETOUR ROUTE WILL FLIP TO BEACON STREET AS CONSTRUCTION WILL BEGIN AT THE CORNER OF WOLF RIVER AVE/DIVISION STREET.  Reference the "Division Street Detour Route Map" for more information.  The detour route may flip back and forth a bit between Wolf River Ave and Beacon Street during this phase of the project.  Please be aware of this and watch the detour signs for notification where to go.  

We were just notified that it is getting a bit difficult for the garbage and recycling trucks to make their way though on Division Street with all the equipment that is being used for the construction project, so our garbage provider has requested that we ask residents to put garbage and recycling receptacles on the nearest side street and they will empty them from that location.  

The contractor for the Division Street project will be working in the intersections of Division/Rowland and Division/Oak sometime today. This temporary "pass through" route will be closed starting in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 22nd and is anticipated to reopen on Thursday May 24th.  Waupaca County Highway

Today the contractor will be working in the area of Washington Street.  As indicated on the Detour Route Map (see above) our goal was to keep Washington Street open as a pass through street when it was not under construction.  We anticipate the contractor will be working in this intersection today and tomorrow (Tuesday May 1st) so during this time this intersection will be closed.

Today the City of New London, Waupaca County and the Contractor will be working on some snow removal in the sidewalk terrace so we can begin the Division Street reconstruction project tomorrow.  THE DETOUR AROUND DIVISION STREET WILL GO INTO EFFECT TOMORROW (TUESDAY, APRIL 24).  Click the link above for the detour map.  The main construction work will begin at the intersection of Beacon and Division Street, with some other work beginning south of that intersection. Please refer to this page for official information during the project.

On Monday April 23rd we will be meeting with the contractor, our engineer and Waupaca County Highway Department to discuss moving forward with the Division Street project.  Depending on the outcome of this meeting the detour route and project may begin early next week.  Stay tuned to this web page for up to date information.

Due to this weekend's snow storm, the start date for the Division Street reconstruction project has been put on hold at this time.

Update 4-9-18:
Next week we will begin picking up yard waste in front of city properties.  Please click here to see the schedule and placement requirements.  For Division Street residents, we should be able to pick up yard waste as normal from properties in between Wolf River Ave and Beacon Street as well as properties between Oak Street and Beckert Road.  Since the initial construction is planned to begin at the intersection of Division Street and Beacon Street we're asking that property owners between Beacon Street and Oak Street place ALL yard waste on top of the curb instead of in the street and we will attempt to collect this yard waste during the normal pick up schedule. 

Update 4-6-18:
Mother nature is not helping in removing the frost from the ground, so the main start of the Division Street re-construction project has been delayed for another week.  Below are the new points to be aware of:
  • The bulk of the re-construction is now planned to begin on April 16th.
  • The Division Street road closure and detour route will begin on April 16th.
  • The contractor will however begin some isolated water main replacement along Division Street during the week of April 9th, however these work zones will be confined to the immediate locations where the contractor will be completing this work.
  • Mail Delivery to the temporary mailbox banks for properties south of Warren Street will begin on April 16th. (Click here for the map showing those locations).

Update 3-30-18: 

Because Division Street will be closed for the remainder of this school year and possibility the beginning of the next school year (in the fall), we have been working with the three schools that are located in that area to assist with bus traffic routes and parent drop off/pick up locations.  Please click on the map link below for more information.  "No parking" zones will also be created in certain areas to allow room for buses to access the schools.  We may expand or reduce these zones once the project begins.  Please note that these "no parking" zones will only be in effect during school hours.  If you have questions about the bus routes or parent drop off/pick up locations please contact the school office for your child. 


Update 3-27-18:

Yesterday a pre-construction meeting was held with the contractor to discuss some of the details on the project.  Below are some talking points that are important to pass on:
  • The original construction start date was planned for April 2nd.  There is a lot of frost in the ground yet and temperatures are anticipated to continue to be below freezing at night for the next week.  Because of this we are pushing the start date back at this time to Monday, April 9th.  We will further evaluate conditions as time goes on and push the start date back further if necessary.
  • Since the start date has been pushed back, implementing the detour route will also be pushed back until the construction start date.
  • For those who have curbside mailboxes, the start date when your mail will be delivered to the temporary mail box banks will also be pushed back to April 9th.
  • It was anticipated that the contractor would start construction at the intersection of Wolf River Ave and Division Street.  After further conversation with Waupaca County Highway Department it was determined that a better solution was to team up with the Highway Department and begin construction at the intersection of Beacon Street and Division street and proceed south from there.  The contractor will then come back and work between Wolf River Ave and Beacon at a later date.  This will push the initial detour route north along Wolf River Ave.  Click here for the updated detour route.
  • The subcontractor who will be installing the sanitary sewer laterals confirmed that he is able to "pipe burst" cast iron pipes as well as clay tile pipes.
  • The subcontractor who is installing the sanitary sewer laterals will be contacting each property owner by phone to set up times to evaluate each property independently to determine the best method for replacing each non-compliant sanitary sewer lateral.
  • We've had requests from several property owners to see if they could have additional concrete work done on their property (for example replace a driveway or sidewalk on their private property).  The concrete subcontractor is interested in providing quotes for additional work.  If you have concrete work that you would like to get a quote on, please contact the New London Public Works Department at 920-982-8503 and have your name added to our interest list. 

Update 3-6-18:

The Division Street reconstruction project is planned to begin on April 2nd, 2018.  The project will include the entire stretch of Division Street from Wolf River Avenue to Beckert Road.  A full street reconstruction will occur from Wolf River Avenue to Oak Street.  This includes new sanitary and storm sewer, new curb and gutter, new sidewalk and new pavement.  From Oak Street to Beckert Road the street will be replaced with a "mill and overlay" method which removes several inches of asphalt from the road and applies a new layer of asphalt on top.  Some new sidewalk will also be added along this stretch on both sides of Division Street.  

On March 1st another public information meeting was held for the residents along Division Street.  The following day city staff recorded a video providing the same information that was presented at the public meeting.  That video can be viewed by clicking the link below:
Division Street Project Information Video.

Utility replacement in this project is planned to occur through the beginning of August, after that street reconstruction will begin and is anticipated to run through mid fall. 

A meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 13 at 7:03pm on Special Assessments for Division Street.  Click here to view a copy of the notice.

Mail Delivery:

Residents who live along Division Street may have temporary locations to pick up your mail.  If your mailbox is attached to you house (those who live north of Warren Street) there will be no change to you mail delivery.  For residents who have mailboxes at the curb (south of Warren Street) your mail will be delivered to a mailbox bank.  Residents who live between Warren and Rowland, your mail will be delivered to a mailbox bank at the corner of Jennings and Division.  For those who live between Rowland and Beckert, your mail will be delivered to a mailbox bank at the corner of Martin and Division.  Mail will start being delivered to these banks on April 2nd, 2018.  Shortly after that date residents are asked to remove their curbside mailboxes for the duration of the project as curb, gutter and sidewalk will be replaced in these sections.  Click here to see a map of the mailbox bank locations.

Garbage & Recycling:

The Garbage and Recycling haulers will attempt to pick up garbage and recycling as normal in front of your house, however their will be times during the construction that a garbage truck will not be able to access the street in front of your house.  If during the project you see that a truck will not be able to pick up your receptacle in front of your property, please put your receptacle at the nearest side street street for collection.  We also ask that you put your address on your garbage and recycling containers so if a container starts to float around the neighbored we can bring it back to your property.  If you have questions or concerns about Garbage and Recycling pick up, please contact your service provider.

Update 3-3-17:

Public Information Meeting - Handout

Public Information Meeting - Notes
Public Information Meeting - Power Point Presentation (in PDF)

OMNNI Engineering continues to work on the Division Street project. Soil borings are planned for some time in April to determine the current pavement thickness, road stone thickness and the condition of the sub base material. This will be used to determine the required base course (Stone thickness) for this project. On February 23rd, two OMNNI Engineering representatives, the Waupaca
County Highway Department Commissioner and I put on a Public Information meeting for the Division Street project. OMNNI did a short presentation and we answered questions about the project as residents reviewed the street layout done by OMNNI. OMNNI provided a comment sheet for residents to fill out and they put together the meeting notes.