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Property Records

We encourage you to use this web-based property record card data.  If you don't find something you require, the please feel free to call and request this information.

While the data within this site is believed to be correct, no warranty is given or implied as to its accuracy.  DO NOT make any decisions to buy or sell real estate based solely on the data presented on this website.  Verify all pertinent data prior to making any final decisions.

Follow these steps

1.  Go to the assessor data webpage  

2.  Once connected to the site, select either Outagamie or Waupaca County, then City of New London and then enter either a street name or specific parcel number.  For first time searches, we would recommend using only a street name. Ex., "Oshkosh", do not use extensions such as "St", "Ave" or any variation.

3.  Then click on "Search"

4.  Select only a street name above as we recommend and the site will then direct the user to a number of parcels on that street.  Click "View Details" for the intended address.  If the correct address doesn't appear on the first page, then proceed to scroll down and look for additional page numbers on that street.

5.  Once the address in viewing opens, a small condensed or abbreviated report window will appear.  In this window a small box will appear in the upper right corner titled "View Full Report".  Then click on this box to view the full public property record card.

6.  A box will then appear and state that "Your report is ready.  Click Here to view".  Please click on the work "here" and three pages of the property record card will appear in a PDF format for your review.  These pages can also be enlarged from the upper menu bar.  The pages include the full public property record card, a footprint sketch and any outbuildings.  To see all three pages available, please scroll down.