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Are there parking restrictions?

An officer gave me a traffic ticket.  Now what do I do?

How can I register my vehicle?

When is the Driver's Licensing Examiner in New London?

Can I burn in the City?

Do cats and dogs have to be licensed?

What about stray / injured animals?

Is there a junk ordinance?

Can I operate a snowmobile in town?

What are the rules and regulations on dock/rafts?

I found a dead deer and want to tag it.  What do I do?

Can I hunt in the City?

Who do I report boating violations/complaints to?

Can I light off fireworks in the City?

I locked my keys in my car.  How can I get help?

How do I get a restraining order?

Someone is soliciting magazines, meats, etc; door to door. Can they do that?

Does the City have a curfew?

I'm going on vacation.  Can the Police Department watch my house?

Where can I get a copy of my accident report?

When does my sidewalk have to be shoveled?

Where can skateboards be used?

Can I drive my scooter on the roadway or sidewalks?

Does the Police Department do fingerprinting and when can I get mine done?

Why do they ask so many questions when I call the Police Department?

Can I shoot bow in town?

Where can I register my recreational vehicle on-line?

How do I contact the Green Bay Department of Natural Resources?

How do I contact the Oshkosh Department of Natural Resources?