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2022 Programs & Events

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Help Migratory Birds 
Turn off the Lights to Help Birds at Night! That's the theme for the 2022 World Migratory Bird Day. Stop by the Curiosity Corner and
discover more about light pollution.  Don't forget to pick up your Nature Journal: Birds as well. It's full of ideas, bird logs, and activities all focused on the importance of helping birds!
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Discovery Summer!
Museum Activities and Take-n-Make Kits
Each week we feature a different activity in the museum and offer a take-n-make kit for you to do at home. Kits are limited, make sure to stop by the museum early!

Week of June 27   
Museum Activity:
Experiment with models of different beak types and discover how different beaks  do different things

Take-n-Make Kit: Be a woodpecker and dig out the"bug"

Week of July 5 (The Museum is Closed Monday, July 4)  
Museum Activity:
Discover more about how eagles fly and make and mobile to take home
Take-n-Make Kit:
Try a yummy thermal energy experiment at home. Directions and supplies included

Week of July 11   
Museum Activity:
Why do some bird's feet have talons and others have webbed feet? Find the answer to this and other foot related questions in the museum
Take-n-Make Kit:
Make tracks! We supply the clay and ideas of how to make animal foot tracks using things from nature

Week of July 18   
Museum Activity:
Flight is not just for the birds! We celebrate the EAA Airshow with our own take on flight. Stop by and explore what makes a good paper airplane. 
Take-n-Make Kit:
Everything you need to make a biplane!

Week of July 25  
Museum Activity & Kits:
Last chance! Did you miss a museum activity or take-n-make kit? Was there one you really enjoyed? Stop in and see what's left...