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Bird City Information

BIRD CITY USA 2 Recognition picture
Pictured: Ginger Arndt, Recreation Superintendent New London Parks and Recreation, Adam Brandt, Naturalist and Bird City Coordinator Mosquito Hill Nature Center and Christine Cross, City of New London Museum Director

The City of New London has been recognized as a Bird City Wisconsin since 2010.  
Bird City Wisconsin was created to encourage communities and their citizens to implement sound bird-conservation practices.  Therefore we have recognized that it is our job to educate our citizens on how to create bird friendly backyards, prevent window strikes, educate on keeping birds safe from cats and so much more!  

Fall Migration is a wild time here in New London!  Check out this video to learn more about thos beautiful white birds that have been gathering off of Highway 54 in Mukwa.

The Mosquito Hill Nature Center is a great resource for bird habitat and provides year round opportunities for birder education.  Follow this link to their web site! 
The New London Museum is home to close to 200 taxidermied bird specimens.  Most of the birds are close to 100 years old.  Currently there is a campaign to Save the Birds!  To help restore and refresh these wonderful education pieces.  Click here to learn more!