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Animal Licenses

No more than three dogs and/or two cats are allowed per household. This combination may not be altered.

Dog licenses are required. Dogs must have rabies shots before being licensed. Licenses are issued at the City Clerk’s office on a calendar year basis running from January 1 thru December 31.  A current proof of rabies vaccination must be shown when purchasing the license.  The fee for these licenses are $10, if the animal is spayed or neutered and $15, if not. 

Please note that the penalties for unlicensed dogs are significantly higher than the costs of licensing the animals and making sure they have their proper shots.

Animals are not to run at large and must be cleaned up after. Dangerous, noisy and vicious animals are prohibited. 

Kennels:      Dog Kennels are permitted only in restricted zones. 
The keeping of livestock, poultry, etc. is allowed only in agriculture zones.