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In 1917 Charles F. Carr, local newspaper editor, donated his collection of natural history items as well as his personal collection of books to the New London Public Library. This collection became the core of the New London Public Museum. A building to house the museum was erected in 1932. In 1986, the library and museum buildings combined. 

The New London Public Museum is one of only five public, multi-topic museums in Wisconsin. People from all over the country visit the museum every year to learn about local, natural and Native American history. Changing exhibits, events and educational programs keep our visitors involved and engaged in life-long learning. A growing preservation program at the museum ensures that generations to come will be able to discover history, science, art and explore a wider world at their local museum, the New London Public Museum.  

Museum Building 1932

The purpose of the New London Public Museum is to preserve and  promote our community's natural, native and historical culture for the benefit of the public.