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Yard Care, Yard Waste, Compost Bins and Storm Cleanup

Lawn Care
Residents are required to maintain a safe and nuisance free lawn.  Lawns must not exceed one foot in height; certain noxious weeds (Canada Thistle, Leafing Spurge and Field Bindweed, Quack Grass, Sow Thistle, Ragweed, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Golden Rod) are not to be found at all.  Standing water, debris fields, etc., which can harbor vermin or promote the growth of mosquitoes are to be eliminated.   Persons harboring such hazards will be given notice and afforded a brief period of time to clean up the area.  

The Public Works Department is responsible for lawn care standards enforcement and may be reached at 920-982-8503.  

Yard Waste

The Department of Public Works picks up yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, pieces trimmed from small trees, bushes or shrubs) in April and October of each year.  Watch the local newspaper, City Website and Facebook page for the official notice.  Leaves are picked up via a vacuum suction device.  Leaves should be raked into a heap along the street adjacent to your property.   Do not rake the leaves into the street as this may clog the storm sewers and result in flooding.  Brush should be bundled.  Bundles should not exceed 4 feet in length, be more than 2 feet in diameter and should weigh less than 45 lbs.

In addition to this semi-annual curbside service, you may bring your yard waste debris to the site located behind the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The entrance is located off of Werner-Allen Road.  The yard waste drop off site is open year round, 7 days a week, from 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. 

Compost Bins
Each year, Wisconsin households send 600 million pounds of “food waste” and compostable material to our landfills!
To find out more on composting or to purchase a compost bin contact the Mosquito Hill Nature Center or go to this site.

Storm Cleanup  
In the event of a severe storm, the City will pick up brush, tree limbs, etc.  Cut these into manageable sized pieces and leave on the terrace area by (not in) the street.

Street Debris