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Traffic Signs

We patrol the streets regularly looking for missing signs, signs obscured by vandalism, wear, or obstruction by branches.  However, there are ones we miss and you see.  Help us out, call the Public Works Department at 920-982-8503 and report any signs that need attention.  Traffic conditions change with the times.  Where for decades no sign was needed, now due to increased traffic or a change in people’s driving habits new signage might be required.  We see these as we travel through the City, but we are not able to be aware of all signage needs.  So, if in your neighborhood you think new signage is needed, talk to your Alderperson, and they will see that your concern is addressed.  Be aware that the solution may be in enforcement or through changing the traffic patterns, rather than signage.  Your situation will be considered as it affects traffic throughout the City.  “Children at Play” signs are now considered bad public policy.  Persons driving through residential areas should assume that at any moment they will encounter children darting into the streets.  Research shows that “Children at Play” signs seem to encourage kids to be in the street and actually cause more accidents.