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Storm Water Run-Off

The City storm sewer system is built to handle historically normal rainfall.  Storm sewers flow into the river.  During high water or river flooding, the river water will flow back through the storm sewer onto the streets. 

If your household storm water system flows directly into the storm sewers you need to make sure that in the case of high water or floods you don’t end up with a basement full of water.  During heavy rains, the amount of water flowing into the system may exceed the capacity of the system to handle it.  In this case, the streets will temporarily flood.  The system is designed to do this.  If your property is located adjacent to a storm sewer catch basin, you may want to inspect the grate periodically to see that it is not blocked by brush, leaves or other debris.  This will ensure its most efficient operation. 

Property owners should be mindful of the flow of storm water from their eaves and paved surfaces.   Water should flow through your property onto the street or drainage ditch.  It is not allowed for water flowing from your property to flood the property of your neighbors.  You should also be aware that sump pump water flowing in the winter will freeze on the streets or sidewalks it crosses.   Please consider this and do not create a hazard to other persons by the poor location of sump pump discharge hoses.