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Snow Plowing

The Department of Public Works maintains a fleet of snow removal equipment and sufficient manpower to clear all City streets and alleys within 48 hours of a snowfall of one foot or less.  More severe snow, blizzards, ice storms, etc. will require more time. Streets are plowed on a priority basis, with the main thoroughfare and school bus routes being done first.  Parking lots, alleys and clearing heavy accumulations at intersections (which obscure vision) are done last.  As a homeowner you are responsible for clearing the snow from your driveway and sidewalk within 24 hours of the snowfall. 

To facilitate snow removal, parking is prohibited on all City streets from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. from November 1st through March 31st.  This ban is in effect whether it has snowed or not.  In years of heavy snow, it is difficult to see oncoming traffic at intersections; motorists should be extra cautious under these conditions.  Following a snowplow too closely is also hazardous.  Snow plows shoot a salt/sand mixture behind them to assist in snow melt and create better traction.  This will damage the finish on your car.  Also, winds will blow fine snow behind the vehicle making visibility low.  To avoid either of these it is best to stay back at least 100 feet from a working snow plow.