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Sewer Maintenance

The Public Works Department encourages homeowners to perform private sanitary sewer service line maintenance.

Basement sewer backups are not only a real mess to clean up but are also a health concern.  As a result, the City is recommending that each homeowner and business in the City perform annual (or as often as needed) routine sanitary sewer service line cleaning and root cutting.  Tree roots seek this source of water in ones yard and are often the main culprits of sanitary sewer service backups.  In some areas of the City, root intrusion is a serious problem and can cause sewer backups for homeowners.  Routine maintenance will reduce the risk of creating these backups.  In addition, wastes can accumulate in the sewer service line, creating a blockage. 

Property owners are responsible for the routine maintenance of the sanitary sewer line from their home or business to the sanitary sewer main. Here is a typical layout showing a home, right-of-way and street in relation to a sewer/water line. The City requests the homeowner to contact the City of New London Public Works Department, see phone numbers below, prior to hiring a contractor to do any sanitary sewer service root cutting or general sewer service cleaning.  This notification is required so that city crews can assist in minimizing any blockages in the sanitary sewer main caused by private sewer service line cleaning work.  In the event of an emergency where a sanitary sewer service line is backed up, the homeowner or his/her contractor should contact the City as soon as possible.  

Homeowners are also encouraged to contact the insurance company holding their homeowner’s or rental insurance policy to verify whether they will cover sewer backups and to even consider separate coverage if the current policy does not cover sanitary sewer backup damage.  

It will be a great help if both homeowners and City businesses perform routine sanitary sewer service line maintenance to avoid a messy problem and keep out the roots. 

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Department of Public Works phone number 920-982-8503. M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm
Weekends or after hour emergencies please contact N.L.P.D. 920-982-8505 to call-in a street division employee