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How to Prevent Sewer Back Up


A back-water valve may be included as part of the floor drain. This valve is intended to prevent the backup of sewage from the sewer into the residence through the floor drain.

The valve is a flapper or ball which will often stick open because of a buildup of lint, corrosion or other debris unless it is inspected & maintained at least semi-annually.

 2. Do not plant trees and shrubs over the private building sewer. The roots of trees, particularly Silver Maple and Willow trees will seek out the joints of the sanitary sewer and eventually clog the pipe.

 3. Do not put large amounts of vegetable waste such as pea pods and tomato skins, through the garbage disposal at one time. Even though these materials will go through the garbage disposal, they clog the private building sewer. This also applies to large amounts of grease and paint which will build up in the building sewer over a period of time eventually causing a blockage. Keep lint traps in the sinks which drain washing machines in place. It is easier to clean out the lint traps than it is to clean out the building sewer.

4.  If the building sewer serves a commercial establishment in which a grease trap is required, the grease trap should be cleaned periodically to prevent the solids from bypassing into the building sewer.