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Street Maintenance

Pot holes, trench dips, debris, etc.; if you notice any of these, report them to the Department of Public Works at 920-982-8503.  Streets are resurfaced based on a system that rates all streets by condition and traffic flow.  These are then prioritized and the street is then tended to as a part of each year’s program.  Street repair is very expensive and we do what we can with the money available each year. 

Residents share in the costs of these repairs in two ways; as a part of your annual property tax payment and through special assessments.  Generally, you will be assessed for a portion of the cost of the curb & gutter and sanitary laterals that lie in front of your property.  In some cases, you may also share in the cost of the road surface as well.  If there is planned construction in front of your home you will receive a notice that the project is being proposed and that you will be specially assessed for part of it.  There will be a public hearing over the assessment, to which you will be invited. It is usually best, if you receive such notice, to call the Public Works Department and ask about the project.  They will describe it, explain why it is being done, give you an idea of when it will occur and be able to give you an estimate of the costs.

Prior to actual construction, residents will be notified by the contractor of the work schedule so that you can plan on parking your vehicles elsewhere and know when your property may be without water or sewer services.