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The City of New London has zoning for every property.  Zoning refers to land use regulations, which restrict certain types of land use to certain areas of the City.  Some areas are restricted to (zoned) manufacturing, others commercial.  There are a number of residential zones:  Parts of the City are zoned for single-family houses, others allow single family and duplexes, while others allow apartment buildings of various densities [4-Plexes, 16-Plexes, etc].  

Before starting a residential business or home occupation, you will need to contact the Building Inspector to make sure that your property allows such activity. In cases where a “Conditional Use” is required, the Building Inspector will assist you with that process.  

What does the zoning designation of my property mean?

Zoning Map

To determine what type of use is allowed on the property you are considering buying, or on your present property, contact the Building Inspector at 920-250-5612 or e-mail.