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2022 Avon, Lyons, Lima Street Reconstruction

As of today the storm sewer work is complete.  The crews that are working on the concrete  have about 75% of their work done.  They are the crews that are replacing curb and gutter and sidewalk sections.  The street pulverizer is done pulverizing the road surface so base work can be done.  The crew doing the base/gravel work is working down Avon Street and will move to Lima Street next.  If the crew is approaching your block section please plan on parking on a side street as they work through your block.  You should still have access to your driveway by end of the work day.  Weather permitting the base work should wrap up by the end of the month.  As soon as the base is complete the asphalt paving will take place.  Thank you for your patience during this construction.  Please remember to drive slow around the construction area as it is bumpy and there are a lot of workers present.


Yesterday city staff, engineers and contractors held a pre-construction meeting regarding the Avon, Lima, and Lyons Street reconstruction projects.   Utility replacement construction will kick off starting the week of June 13th.  The utility contractor will begin replacement and repairs of underground utilities on the south end of Avon Street and proceed north.  The contractor will then begin work at the south side of Lima Street and work north and finish up on Lyons Street following the same pattern.   During this time damaged sections of curb and gutter will also be identified and removed.  It is anticipated that utility work will be completed around July 25th with concrete replacement of removed sections of curb and gutter also installed around that time.  Following the utility and concrete work, the asphalt contractor will move in and begin replacement of the road base and road surface.  The elevation of the road will not change so driveway approach angles will remain the same.  It is anticipated that asphalt replacement will proceed and be completed around mid-October.  Construction will generally occur between the hours of 7:00am - 5:00 pm Monday thru Thursday and 7:00am - noon on Fridays.  No weekend construction is anticipated at this time. 
During the construction, residents will generally have access to their driveways, although when contractors are working directly in front of a property access may be limited.    Contractors will do the best job they can to communicate with residents, but if it appears a contractor will be working in front of your home at a certain time it is highly recommended to move any vehicles out of your driveway an onto a side street to ensure you will have the ability to transport your vehicle and stay out of the work zone.  On garbage or recycling collection days, if work is being performed in front of your street, it is also highly recommended to move your garbage or recycling container to one of the side streets that are not under construction as it may be difficult for a garbage/recycling collection truck to pick up within the active work zone.  Please also put a piece of duct tape  on your garbage or recycling container with your address so contractors and neighbors know where a particular container should be returned to incase it needs to be move during construction. 

The New London City Council approved construction contracts for the Avon, Lima, Lyons Street reconstruction projects at the May 17th regular City Council meeting.  Once a pre-construction meeting occurs city staff will have more detailed information on timelines and road closure statues which will be posted on this site.  Click HERE for a project limits map.