Real Estate Taxes

Info for in person and mail payments:

Tax bills
are issued approximately the second week of December,

Full payment or partial is due January 31st, with the second payment due July 31st.  We do not accept Credit Cards for payment of your taxes, only Cash or Check.

Payments made by check, in December or January, should be made out to the City of New London and can be mailed to 215 N. Shawano Street, New London, WI 54961; or may be paid in person at the City Clerk’s Office or at the First State Bank. 

Payments after January should be made out to the Waupaca or Outagamie County Treasurer and mailed to the County address on the tax bill.  The City Clerk’s office cannot accept tax payments after January 31st of each year!  The counties will not accept payment before January 31st. 

In addition to property taxes, your tax bill may contain unpaid special assessments, special charges or delinquent water or sewer bills.  Special assessments are charges for work done affecting your property for which you have to pay a share.  This would be for pavement, curb & gutter, and sanitary laterals.  

Special charges are services the City provided to your property – weed cutting, snow removal, demolition, garbage clean up, etc. 

Water and sewer bills not paid to the New London Utility, become liens on your property, which the Utility has a right to collect on your property tax bill.  If you have any questions on your property taxes, call the City Treasurer’s office at 982-8500 (option 2).

Info for Online Tax Payments:

You may pay your City of New London property taxes online, by using SameDayPay.  There is a $3.00 fee per each transaction.  SameDayPay is an all electronic way to pay your tax bill on the internet.   SameDayPay is fast, easy, secure and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You control the timing on when to make your payment.  You can also schedule your payment to be made on a specific day in the future. 

SameDayPay provides an email confirmation so that you know your payment has been made.  It allows you to see 120 days of history on all your payments. 

SameDayPay payments are drawn from your Check card/Debit Card.   Credit Cards are not accepted for payment of your taxes.

As a first time user you will be required to create an ID and Pass word, so remember to write it down for future use.  To use SameDayPay, click on the icon below. 

** This link will be removed on Feb. 1, as taxes to the City are due by Jan. 31.